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Follow up all the news, tips and discussions about the electric bicycle business.

Electric Bike Mia Now Available in Black
by Drummer Bikes - 06/13/2015

Our best selling Mia is now available in a new color. Enjoy the same comfortable step through model in elegant black. The 2015 Mia is available in black or white for only...

New 2015 EZW5000 Electric Bikes have arrived
by Drummer Bikes - 06/05/2015

The new best thing is here. Electric Bike EZW5000: Range, speed and power. Our Drummer EZW5000 sold out in a matter of a couple of months last year. Not a single...

Drummer Mio: Reliable Electric Bike at Affordable Price
by Drummer Bikes - 05/02/2015

Drummer Bikes understands budget can be tight at times, so we make our models as affordable as possible without compromising our quality. Most Electric Bikes in the American...

Electric Bikes: A Transportation Solution, Potential DUI Transportation Alternative
by Drummer Bikes - 04/22/2015

E-Bikes make cycling a viable way of transportation, even for people who have lost their drivers license privileges

Living With Multiple Sclerosis: How the Drummer EBike "Mia" Changed My Life & Set Me Free
by Drummer Bikes - 04/15/2015

Here at Drummer Bikes we were touched by the story of a local Florida resident Denise Pace. Denise had her license revoked due to seizures and other medical complications caused by Multiple...

The Electric Bike Basics: The Battery
by Drummer Bikes - 03/27/2015

Taking good care of your battery will help you in the long run.

8 Things that Happen When You Ride an Electric Bike
by Drummer Bikes - 02/26/2015

1. You get to places... FAST Maybe you are too used to riding a regular bike, but now you feel you spend significantly less time on the road. Did it take you 30 minutes before? Now is more like 15...

Electric Bikes: Speed and Range
by Drummer Bikes - 02/04/2015

Ever wondered how top speed and range on an electric bike are calculated? You are not alone. Knowing how fast and how long an e-bike can go for is important at the time of purchasing an electric...

Drummer Bikes are available at Braman Motors
by Drummer Bikes - 01/28/2015

We are thrilled to announce that Drummer Bikes are now available at Braman Motors. It is an honor to have our electric bikes at such a prestigious dealership with so many years of exceptional...

Electric Bike Battery: Lead Acid (SLA) vs. Lithium
by Drummer Bikes - 12/17/2014

One of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing an electric bike is the battery. The type of battery will define the range, speed, cost and performance of your bicycle. Volts,...

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