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8 Things that Happen When You Ride an Electric Bike

1. You get to places... FAST

Maybe you are too used to riding a regular bike, but now you feel you spend significantly less time on the road. Did it take you 30 minutes before? Now is more like 15 minutes.

With more minutes to spare, you can now sleep a few minutes more.

2. You ride your bike without arriving disheveled and dripping

Remember that time your car broke and you needed to ride your regular bike to work? Chances are that you probably ended up sweaty and tired.

Riding an e-bike will help you to ride to places looking neat and professional.

3. You save big on transportation

Travel while saving money from gas and insurance. The more you use your electric bicycle, the less you have to spend on gas. Plus, you don't need to pay insurance to ride an e-bike.

4. Finding parking in crowded places is not longer an issue

We all been in this situation: driving downtown and not being able to find parking, OR finding parking but having to pay for it. If you ride an electric bike, finding parking will be as simple as finding a good tree (or pole) at no cost to you.

5. Cycling uphill is not hard

You don't have to break a sweat when you climb over a hill anymore. Adjust the electric assist to the level you feel more comfortable with and ride at your own beat.

6. You feel good about using clean energy and helping the environment

Electric bikes are powered by clean energy and human-powered energy! Using eco-friendly transportation makes you more appreciative about reducing your carbon imprint.

7. People give you surprised looks

When you are riding an e-bike you might find that people stare at you more often. Why? Maybe its because

you are going considerably faster than a regular bike, or maybe because they might be surprise you are not pedaling.

8. You ride your e-bike where you didn't take your regular bike before

Remember when you didn't want to ride your regular bike because it was a long distance? That's no longer a concern. You can ride your electric bicycle further without worrying about the ride back home.

Take that detour you always wanted and explore!

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