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Drummer Mio: Great Electric Bike at Affordable Price

Drummer Bikes understands budget can be tight at times, so we make our models as affordable as possible without compromising our quality.

Most Electric Bikes in the American market are $2,000 up.

We pride ourselves on having two models under $800: our Mio and Mia.

These bikes have a 250 Watts Motor and 24 Volts LED Head Light. Full Front Suspension.

The Mio comes in black, while the Mia comes in black or white.

When you first ride the Mio the first thing you will notice is that the handle bar is nicely placed and the wide seat is really comfortable to ride for miles and miles.

The 24 Volt 12 AH Lead Acid Battery is situated right below the seat. This battery location permits a more stable center of gravity while riding.

The Mio comes with both electric assist and full-power modes. This model comes with a handy security feature in which the electric assist will began after the bike reaches about 3 miles/per hour.

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