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Electric Bike Battery: Lead Acid (SLA) vs. Lithium

One of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing an electric bike is the battery.

The type of battery will define the range, speed, cost and performance of your bicycle.

Volts, amps hours and watt hours will the covered in another post about technical terminology.

Electric Bikes have two distinctive types of batteries:

  • Sealed-Lead Acid (SLA)
  • Lithium

Sealed-Lead Acid Battery are the least expensive type of battery. They are have shorter life span and they are heavier than lithium batteries. Because of their low value, electric bikes using SLA batteries tend to be more economical. SLA batteries might need replacement sooner than a lithium battery, but they are cheaper to get. Lead acid battery are the same type of battery a car has. Just like a car battery, a SLA electric bike battery will slowly lose range and power in the long run.

Lithium Battery are the most expensive type of battery. They have a longer life span, and they are significantly lighter than lead acid batteries. Lithium batteries are the same type of battery as your cellphone battery. They are high-performance and more reliable. A lithium battery will perform as new until it dies without losing power and/or performance. They don't need replacement as often as SLA battery, but they are not as cheap to replace.

While deciding between lead acid and lithium batteries is important, don't forget that there are more elements to consider when purchasing a bike.

Choose a battery type that better fits your needs. Just don't forget you won't be able to change the types of battery your e-bike uses.

Taking good care of your battery will help extend its performance and life span regardless of the type you choose.

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