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Electric Bikes: A Transportation Solution, Potential DUI Transportation Alternative

Electric Bikes takes cycling to the next level.

Some people think riding a bike is limited to just exercising, but E-Bikes make cycling a viable way of transportation.

We can't blame people who directly associate bike with exercise because riding a regular bike for long periods of time (or distance) generally results in getting tired and/or sweaty.

Now, electric bicycles will let the rider go for more miles without breaking a sweat.

What happen when you ride your bike and don't get exhausted? Well, you use your bike to go to more places and you ride longer. Electric bicycles makes cycling a more convenient way to run errands and save time and money in parking and gas.

Electric bikes are regular bikes with the ability to assist the rider with low-speed electric power. They are classified as bicycles by both Federal & State Governments. E-bikes do not require a license or tag to operate on the street.

Because of this, electric bicycles are an easy mobility alternative for people who has their driver licenses suspended (or revoked), like DUI or people with medical history that prevents them from driving a car.

With an e-bike you can still go to school, work or grocery shopping despite the fact that you have lost your license.

We shared the story of Florida resident Denise Pace who got her drivers license revoked due to health conditions. She was struggling getting to places in a tight budget and limited public transportation. She can now ride her bike comfortably to the places she needs to go.

Whether it is a temporary or permanent situation, electric bicycles can give you the commodity and freedom to go where you want to go when you want to go at a very low cost.

In some states, license and plate might be required for electric bikes, so please check your local legislation.

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