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Electric Bikes: Speed and Range

Ever wondered how top speed and range on an electric bike are calculated? You are not alone.

Knowing how fast and how long an e-bike can go for is important at the time of purchasing an electric bicycle.

The first element to consider is the rider itself.

Why? Because the same bike might have different maximum speed and range depending on who is riding it.

Generally, maximum speed and range are calculated using a 170-pound rider on a flat surface.

The heavier a rider is, the more energy is needed for the bike to perform.

Pedaling (or not pedaling) affects how long the e-bike will go for. Pedaling will extend the battery range as it supplements the bike's performance.

The terrain also plays an important role. Riding on a flat surface will allow you go faster and longer than cycling up the hills.

Lastly, the motor, controller and battery type will influence the bike's capacity and performance.

All these technical elements will be discussed in another post, but the basic idea is that:

  • Lithium batteries have an overall better performance than sealed lead acid batteries.
  • More Volts = More power
  • More Amp Hours = More range
  • The controller is important because it regulates maximum speed and power

Knowing about these factors will help you understand how to select (and improve) the speed and range of your e-bike.

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