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How to Ride an Electric Bike

The electric bicycle market in the USA is just getting started, and so are the questions.

"How do you ride it?" is probably one of the most frequently asked questions from clients who have never before been introduced to electric bikes before.

Our answer: "Just as you would a regular bicycle."

Electric bikes, or e-bikes, are bike with an is a regular bicycle with integrated electrical parts such as a battery, motor and controller. An electric bike can be used the same as a regular bike but you also have the option to have the power assist feature when you pedal to help you travel long distances and up hills effortlessly. Most electric bikes (and trikes) also come with a throttle similar to a scooter and allow you to travel without pedaling at all.

Riding an electric bikes feels similar to riding a regular bike with the exception that you won't be exhausted or sweaty during your trip.

With the electric assist, the bike will go faster with little to no effort. Climbing up hills won't be a challenge anymore. You will be able to go for miles and miles in a single charger without feeling tired.Most electric bikes come with several level of electric assist so you ride at the level and speed you feel most comfortable with.

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