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The Electric Bike Basics: The Battery

Taking good care of your battery will help you in the long run.

Whether you have a SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) or Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) battery, taking proper maintenance of your battery will maximize their lifespan, performance and available ride time.

Here is a short guide for people who want to learn some basics battery maintenance tips.

First, become familiar with your battery and its charge time. Its's always good to follow recommended times for each type of the batteries.

-Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) batteries 4-6 hours

-SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) 6-8 hours

Second, safely place the battery in the bike every time you ride. Some batteries, particularly SLA-type, can be a bit heavy, so make sure to carry battery with care to avoid injuring yourself or the bike.

Third, lock battery into place. As you are riding around you want to secure the battery into place so it won't jump or slide out of position. Also, it will help prevent potential someone from stealing the battery if you leave the bike on the street.

Fourth, always storage battery in cool, dry place. Do not store the batteries below 50┬░Fahrenheit and never allow batteries to freeze.

Fifth, make sure to charge them at least once a month. Batteries are meant to be used. To maintain battery at optimal capacity and performance, charge batteries at least every 30 days until regular normal use is resumed.

Sixth, always bring the battery to your bike shop if you encounter any problems.

Please remember that even with proper care, rechargeable batteries do not last forever. Average battery life depends on use and conditions.

For a more technical information on how to take care of your batteries, please click here.

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