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Cost Efficient

Ever wondered what it would be like to pay only $1-3 in transportation costs per month? Find out now!

You can go from A to B for just pennies a day on a Drummer E-Bike !

No need to waste your money and time on gas stations and parking anymore. Electric bikes are the newest way to get you where you are going while making a minimum impact on the environment AND your wallet.

You don’t need insurance or a drivers license to ride an e-bike, and you can virtually charge your battery anywhere, even your favorite coffee shop.

Imagine all you could do with the money you can save by switching to renewable energy.

Our electric bikes will take you work and school without arriving disheveled and dripping.

Watch as gas prices continue to steadily go up while you enjoy a fun, healthy and reliable transportation.

Carry your groceries, do your errands and never feel tired!

If you ride 20-40 miles every day the cost of riding your e-bike will under $3 per month.

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