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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s an electric bike?

An electric bicycle, also known as e-bike, is a regular bicycle with integrated electrical parts such as a battery, motor and controller. An electric bike can be used the same as a regular bike but you also have the option to have the power assist feature when you pedal to help you travel long distances and up hills effortlessly. Most electric bikes and trikes also come with a throttle similar to a scooter and allow you to travel without pedaling at all.

Are e-bikes like motorcycles?

No. Electric bikes are regular bikes with the ability to assist the rider with low-speed electric power. They are classified as bicycles by both Federal & State Governments. E-bikes do not require a license or tag to operate on the street.

Are all e-bikes the same?

No. The speed, range and power significantly changes depending on make and model.

What are the different types of e-bike?

-Pedal assisted (also known as power-assisted): are electric bikes designed to assist you during your ride. These type of e-bikes will supplement your pedaling so that you can climb hills easily and never worry about the ride back home.

-Full-Power: are electric bikes designed to reduce or eliminate pedaling. They operate similar to scooter and motorcycles. A throttle allows you to just relax and enjoy the ride comfortably without getting tired or sweaty.

How do you ride an electric bike?

Just as you would a regular bike. Pedal assisted E-bikes requires you to pedal while it supplements your ride. Full-Power E-bikes allows you to pedal when you want by using the throttle mode and enjoy the ride without pedaling.

Do I have to pedal?

It depends of the type of E-bike you have. Pedal-assist E-bikes require pedaling whereas full-power/throttle e-bikes do not.

Do I need a license or insurance?

No. Electric bicycles with no more than 750 watts of power output and a top speed of 20 mph are classified as a bicycle by Federal & State Law.

Can electric bikes be ridden with the electric assistance off?

Yes. You can ride Drummer E-bikes or E-trike models as a regular bike.

How fast can electric bikes go?

U.S. law restricts the speed of electric bicycles to 20 mph or less without pedaling. Check with your State laws for additional regulations restricting e-bikes.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

It will depend on how much of the battery capacity was used during your last ride but if the battery is completely dead it will take an average 4-6 hours to fully charge the battery.

How far can I ride on a single charge?

This depends on many factors. Your weight, weather, road conditions, hills, battery size & type. Most Drummer e-bikes will give a range of 20-40 miles if using pedal assist and very little human energy.

How much does it cost to ride an electric bike?

Electric bikes are really affordable compared to other modes of transportation. Putting in in perspective, riding a e-bike will cost you only pennies per day (about $1-3 dollars per month if you ride 20-40 miles every day) and you don’t need to pay for parking, insurance or have a license.

Will riding my electric bike instead of my car reduce my carbon footprint if I ride my electric bike? YES. Electric bikes are eco-friendly and generate ZERO emissions.

Can I ride my electric bicycle in the rain?

Yes. Drummer e-bikes are designed to stand light rain and damp riding conditions, but they are not meant to be submerged into water. If you are regularly riding in the rain, you should wipe off all the electrical components with a dry cloth or towel when you get to your destination.

How long will the battery last?

It depends of the type of battery, most can be recharged 500-2000 times and you can extend battery life by maintaining the battery properly.

What types of batteries are available?

We offer two type of batteries:

-Lithium: are more costly, last longer and weigh less.

-Lead-acid: least expensive form of battery, shorter life span and weigh more.

How do I charge the battery?

Simply plug your battery charger into a regular outlet and connect it to the battery. Same as your cell phone or laptop.

Does the battery recharge when I pedal?

No, but you extend the battery power by pedaling.

Do I need to have a bike shop assemble my Drummer bike?

No, if you are the handy type.

If not, we recommend having your local bike shop assemble your bike to ensure safety and quality performance. This should take no more than 5-10 minutes for any bike shop. Drummer e-bikes arrive 90% assembled and only require the front wheel be attached, tires inflated properly, handlebars inserted & secured and pedals attached.

Contact us if you have any additional questions.

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