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Go Green!

Drummer E- Bike are powered by clean electric and human-powered energy, not the fuel pump. Using an electric bike means no gas is needed and no pollutants are emitted. It’s healthier for the planet and for you.

Oil dependency, congestion and global climate change are imminent concerns that require more sustainable transportation strategies. Using electric bicycles significantly helps the environment by:

  • Improving air quality
  • Creates greater environmental awareness
  • Reducing carbon imprint

Several independent bike sharing program reports across the nation have shown significant CO2 reduction. Check the links below for additional information:

Bike Sharing Report - City of Tucson

Bike Sharing Report - Arlington County

Demonstrate your commitment to a greener planet by using a more eco-friendly mode of transportation. Electric bikes are the newest way to get you where you are going while making a minimum impact on the environment AND your wallet.

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