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Where We Began

Reed Wallace is the founder and president of Drummer E-bikes. An avid bike rider since his youth, he first became involved with the e-bike business in 2010 when he saw a need for green, cost effective solution for transportation. He also knew from personal experience that riding a bike would benefit the health of people of all ages. "What a way to help save the planet, save money, have fun and improve your health,” Reed thought to himself.

With that in mind Reed started doing research on LEV's (Light Electric Vehicles) and found his consultant and now friend Mr. Ed Benjamin, the president of the Light Electric Vehicle Association. Using Ed's knowledge of bicycles and the electric bicycle industry, Reed decided to open a retail store specializing in electric bikes in Hollywood, Florida.

Reed became an authorized dealer and service center for the biggest e-bike companies in America and soon opened two more stores in South Florida. After four years of learning from the grass roots level about how consumers use electric bicycles and the inside of the business, Reed decided to develop his own brand of e-bikes.

He travelled to Asia and developed relationships with several factories while attending multiple bicycle trade shows. These top-quality factories now produce our Drummer Brand E-bikes.

In late 2013, Drummer E-Bikes was officially founded.

Our affordable yet elegant model soon proved to be a success for dealers and customers everywhere. Reed continues to work with our dealers on a personal basis and do all he can to be sure they are happy. "Good energy and clean energy go hand in hand," he always says.

Today Drummer Bikes continues to expand its network of dealers across the nation and is dedicated to bring the best value electric bikes to the marketplace.

"Ride to your own beat"

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