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Interested in wholesale of electric bikes? Join our growing network of Drummer Bikes dealers and suppliers!

Our affordable yet elegant e-bikes have proven to be a success for dealers and customers everywhere. Drummer Bikes continues to work with our dealers on a personal basis and makes sure they are all happy.

During its first year alone, Drummer Bikes added more than 10 dealers and we continue to expand each month.

We currently have dealers in Florida and Michigan. Your Bike Shop could be the first Drummer Bikes dealer in your state, so don't wait up and be a pioneer in your local market!

We attribute our success to great customer service, top-quality product and extensive knowledge in the electric bike business. Plus, we provide a solid price point for our bicycles.

Drummer Bikes offers a consignment plan for qualified store. Contact us and we will determine if your business is qualified.

We have competitive shipping rates for businesses across the Continental US.

To Become a Dealer, please fill out this form and a representative will contact you shortly.

We are dedicated to bring the best value electric bikes to the marketplace.

Thanks for your interest.

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